If you are going through this article, you are going through a creation that is not tangible like a mobile phone, an electric scooter, a set of kitchenware, a four-room apartment, or any expensive or inexpensive material that you can own. Literature, music, dance and other artworks, designs, symbols, discoveries and inventions and similar other creations come under intellectual property.

You might have come across a lot of concept stealing accusations through social media frequently. One of the flaws of intangible creations is that those are easy to steal unless those aren't protected by Intellectual Property filing. Just like any physical property, creators of intellectual property also have rights. Intellectual Property Rights is one of the driving factors that encourage students and micro-entrepreneurs to come up with a new innovative startup or business idea despite the adversity of concept stealing and execution by established companies. From a situation that permitted established creators to steal the work of non-established ones, IPR registration serves as the saviour of all creators to protect their work from any misconduct. From sending a cease and desist letter to filing a lawsuit, any illegal usage of your protected work can be defended. It is for protecting the work that you need to file for Intellectual Property Registration. Intellectual Property Rights enrollment of your own creation should be done with the Office of Controller General of Patents, Designs and Trademarks under the Indian Government's Ministry of Commerce and Industry. We, LAWBIZ CORPORATE CONSULTANTS AND ADVISORS PRIVATE LIMITED cater to your IPR registration requirements in the fastest way possible. We provide aid in:

  • Trade Mark Registrations
  • Trade Mark Objections, Oppositions and Renewal
  • Patent Registrations
  • Copyright Registrations
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