According to the Companies Act, 2013, every company in India should comply with the policies listed by the Government. By advising specific policies for the management of a firm or a company, the Companies Act of 2013 ensures to improve the efficacy of a business entity in contributing to the development of the society as well as the welfare of its employees. The compliance policies make sure to enhance the corporate workplace quality thus enriching the goodness of the products or services offered to society by the different corporate entities.

The Companies Act is overall helpful for society and in turn, the business entities considering few instances like Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR provisions in the act stresses the companies to participate in philanthropic activities, thus eliminating the choices of a few companies to pursue their business goals alone selfishly, not contributing much to social development. As a result, the vision and mission of some companies changed to cater to social development too, which in turn helped them enhance their brand value.

Company legal compliance should be maintained by a firm throughout its period of operation, thus striking off the possibility of considering it like a one-time thing to be discarded after once performed. As company legal compliance is not something to be ticked off initially and then to be positioned in your recycle bin, it is important to have strategies and take care of them efficiently.

The company legal compliance services offered by our team of dedicated legal and corporate professionals include:

  • Company/LLP Annual statutory compliances
  • MOA & AOA amendment
  • Addition & Removal of Directors
  • Addition & Removal of Partners in LLP
  • Share enhancement, share allotment and share transfer.
  • Registered office addresses change
  • Winding up & strike off of Company
  • LLP strike off

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