Making promises to pay, work or provide any services verbally is an old-school practise that can't be entrusted nowadays. The verbal promise is more of practice between friends running errands in exchange for a weekend pizza or a movie together, which can't be brought to the corporate zone. In a world where even family members fight each other for breaking promises, verbal guarantees won't work for any professional decisions taken by two or more parties, whether strangers or not. In an agreement, the involved parties promise to abide by the written conditions under the inspection of law, which can be trusted, unlike an unwritten agreement. For instance, if you give your apartment for rent to a friend of yours for six months upon the given condition to vacate after the term clearing the whole rent amount, a verbal agreement has more chances of violation while a well-written agreement can prevent any risks of losses for you. Legal agreements can help you in instances like when you need specific work to be done within a timeline and you hire someone for that. When an agreement is signed by the parties, more likely they are prone to follow the terms and conditions mentioned as they are aware that any violation can lead to serious legal issues.

As agreements and proposals give protection to the interests of you as well as the other party or parties involved, getting legal help for proposing an agreement is a witty decision.

The different types of agreement filings carefully done with unmatched professionalism by our legal experts at LAWBIZ CORPORATE CONSULTANTS AND ADVISORS PRIVATE LIMITED includes:

  • Lease & Rent agreement
  • Business proposal agreement
  • Indemnity Agreement
  • Nondisclosure Agreement
  • Contractor Agreement
  • Joint venture Agreement
  • Project Report

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